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how to make logo stickers

Want to know how to make logo stickers?

 Follow this step-by-step guide to make a logo sticker! Stickers are a cost-effective way to enhance your brand presence. With custom logo stickers you can showcase your brand wherever you go. Whether it’s labeling products, distributing them at events, or sticking them on storefronts or cars the options are limitless!

Choosing the Right Logo Design

The first step in creating custom logo stickers is deciding on the perfect logo design. There are two options to get a logo for your brand stickers:

Use Your Existing Logo

If your business already has an established visual identity, this logo can likely be adapted very easily into a sticker format. Using your existing logo ensures brand consistency across all your assets like website, packaging, signage, etc.

To prepare an existing logo for stickers, it may need some slight modifications:

  • Simplify details so it is clean and bold at a small size
  • Remove minor text or words that will be illegible
  • Adjust colors to 2-3 maximum for affordable printing

Recreating your logo just for stickers means added design costs. So try to use your current logo if possible.

Create a New Logo

If you are a new business without a logo, this is the perfect time to create one. If your current logo is overly complex or dated, designing a new one specifically for stickers may be a better option.

The good news is most online sticker makers provide easy logo design tools right on their platforms. With hundreds of fonts, images, templates, and editing options, you can easily create a simple but professional logo even without any graphic design experience.

Follow these tips when designing a new logo just for your stickers:

  • Stay simple and clean – avoid intricate details that will get lost in small sizes
  • Use a bold, minimalist style with solid shapes and lines
  • Limit your color palette to 1-3 colors for affordable at-home printing
  • Incorporate your company name or initials so your brand is easily identifiable
  • Create an icon/symbol representing your business if applicable
  • Make sure the logo will scale smoothly at different sizes

A new sticker-specific logo allows you to optimize for this unique use case and application. Just be sure to use it consistently across all sticker designs.

Preparing Your Logo Artwork

Once your sticker logo file is ready, it needs to be optimized into a print-ready digital format. Follow these steps:

Vectorize All Text and Lines

  • Convert any text into vector outlines rather than fonts. This enables the logo to be scaled without any loss in quality.
  • Vectorize any lines and graphical elements as well for the same reason.
  • Avoid very thin fonts or strokes – these may look blurry or fade when scaled down. Bold is best for stickers.

Remove Background Elements

  • Delete any photos or background colors/textures. Sticker logos should be transparent.
  • Flatten all layers into a single layer with one vector background.

Expand Canvas Space

  • Give the logo extra bleed room around the edges, at least 0.25 inches.
  • This allows for a cutline border when printed on the sticker sheets.
  • Look best with at least a small border rather than cutting right to the edge.

Export High-Resolution File

  • Save the logo as a PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG for printing. EPS also works for vector designs.
  • Export at maximum quality and at least 300 dpi. This ensures optimal print results.
  • PNGs work great for minimal graphic logos. JPGs allow more color blends.

Enlarge Artwork If Needed

  • Scale up the logo if the text or details are too small to print clearly on stickers.
  • The logo should be legible and the branding identifiable when sized down.
  • For reference, aim for 1-3 inches on average for sticker logos.

With your logo optimized into a print-ready digital file, you are ready to create your custom stickers!

how to make logo stickers
how to make logo stickers

Choose Your Sticker Material

Sticker makers offer dozens of material options including vinyl, paper, transparent, high tack, and more. The material you choose depends on where and how the stickers will be used:


Vinyl is the most popular and versatile sticker material. It provides a great balance of durability, affordability, and ease of use. Reasons to choose vinyl:

  • Long-lasting, weather and water resistant
  • Works great indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to apply and reposition
  • Hundreds of color and finish options

Vinyl is perfect for car stickers, water bottles, laptops, store signage, and more. Highly recommended for first-time sticker makers.

Paper Stickers

Paper stickers provide an affordable option for basic indoor use. Paper works well when:

  • Stickers will go on flat, smooth surfaces
  • Don’t need to withstand heavy wear and tear
  • Want the lowest-cost sticker option

Great for bumper stickers, packaging, office supplies, invitations, scrapbooking and more.

Clear Transparent Stickers

Transparent or “clear” stickers have an invisible background that blends seamlessly on most surfaces. Perfect if you:

  • Want stickers for glass windows, phones, electronics, etc.
  • Need waterproof, weatherproof stickers for outdoor use
  • Prefer subtle stickers that don’t block views

Also available in tinted transparent colors like red, blue, and smoke if you want a slight color.

Specialty Sticker Materials

For unique applications, custom sticker makers offer specialty options:

  • High Tack Adhesive – For textured or curved surfaces like wood, plastic, fabric, etc.
  • Removable – Temporary stickers that peel off clean without residue.
  • Foil – Metallic foil stickers that shine and stand out.
  • Fluorescent – Glow-in-the-dark and blacklight reactive sticker materials.
  • Reflective – Mirrored stickers and sheeting that reflect light and brightness.
  • Adhesive Backed Magnet – Flexible magnet material for refrigerators, cars, whiteboards, etc.

With dozens of materials available, you can find the perfect option tailored for any sticker use case.

Printing Your Logo Stickers

When your design is ready, simply upload your logo to the online sticker maker for professional quality printing and die-cutting:

  • State-of-the-art digital printing presses for accuracy and detail
  • Durable UV-resistant inks guarantee vivid color and longevity
  • Large sheet sizes like 12×18, and 12×24 maximize cost efficiency
  • Precision die-cutting creates any custom size and shape flawlessly
  • Low minimum orders like 10-50 stickers make small batches affordable
  • Quantity discounts kick in for big orders – 500, 1000, 5000+ stickers

For small home sticker projects, you can also print your stickers using a basic desktop printer like an inkjet or laserjet. Some tips:

  • Use sticker sheets or full-sheet labels designed specifically for your printer model.
  • Laser printers provide better print quality for stickers than inkjet overall.
  • With inkjet, use matte photo paper and the highest dpi settings.
  • Print a test sheet first before running a whole batch in case any adjustments are needed.
  • Let printed stickers fully dry for 4-6 hours before cutting to prevent smearing.

While home printing works for tiny sticker jobs, professional printing is recommended for business use, events, promotions, etc. where quality matters. Online print services like Pixeative, Sticker Mule, Sticker Giant, and more make sticker printing fast, easy, and affordable.

Cutting and Applying DIY Logo Stickers

With your stickers printed, it’s time to cut them out. For small quantities, you can easily cut stickers by hand:

Hand Cutting Tips

  • Use a sharp craft knife or X-acto blade to cleanly cut edges
  • Stack multiple sheets if cutting identical stickers
  • Place stickers face down on the cutting mat to protect the print
  • Change the blade frequently for the easiest cutting
  • Round sticker corners will be easier to peel than sharp corners

For high-volume orders, invest in an electronic vinyl cutter. These specialty machines accurately cut any shape sticker with ease. They can also cut custom stickers from rolls of vinyl rather than sheets.

Once cut, applying vinyl stickers is easy thanks to transfer tape. Just press the tape firmly across all stickers to lift multiple off the backing at once. Then you can cleanly stick them in place and slowly peel back the transfer tape.

For small stickers, try wax paper to transfer and apply stickers without getting adhesive on your fingers.

When applying stickers:

  • Ensure the surface is totally clean and dry first
  • Apply with firm even pressure across the entire sticker
  • Use a straightedge for perfectly aligned larger stickers
  • Gently peel back the transfer tape or backing at a low angle
  • Re-press sticker after application to maximize adhesion

Now your custom logo stickers are ready to display anywhere your brand should be seen!

Creative Ways to Use Your Logo Stickers

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using custom stickers to promote your small business, brand, products, events, and more. Here are some creative examples:

  • Product Packaging – Seal up boxes, bags, jars, cans, bottles, etc. with your logo stickers. Also stick on thank you notes, care instructions, etc.
  • Merchandise – Stickers make great inexpensive branded merch to give away. Put them on t-shirts, hats, mugs, buttons, magnets, balloons, pens, koozies and more.
  • Trade Show Swag – Print stacks of stickers to hand out at conventions, expos, pop-up shops, and other events. Adds lasting branding after the event.
  • Direct Mail Marketing – Include a sticker on postcards, newsletters, and brochures that prospects can peel and stick. Showcase your logo to potential customers.
  • Greeting Cards – Personalize birthday cards, holiday cards, announcements, and invitations with a custom sticker featuring your branding or logo.
  • Retail Displays – Use stickers to call out sale items, highlight new products, identify clearance sections, etc.
  • Thank You Gifts – Surprise and delight customers with thank you stickers included with purchases, orders, and service calls.
  • Community Engagement – Sponsor local teams, schools, and charities by providing free supportive stickers to hand out and wear.
  • Snail Mail Enhancement – Seal envelopes with logo kraft tape and stickers instead of licking. Also cute on packages, boxes, padded mailers, etc.
  • Laptops & Electronics – Custom stickers help show off your personality, interests, and identity on laptops, phones, tablets, headphones, controllers, and more.
  • Promotional Signage – Adhesive window decals, wall stickers, and floor stickers are great for storefronts, office spaces, or events.

The more creative you get sharing logo stickers, the more brand impressions you make and potential new customers you can gain!

Design Tips for Great-Looking Logo Stickers

Follow these pro tips to design custom logo stickers that catch attention and effectively promote your brand:

Keep It Simple

The most effective logo sticker designs are clean, bold, and minimalist. Avoid cramming too many details, photos, or small text that won’t be legible on a small sticker.

Use 2-3 Colors Max

Limit your logo color palette to 1-3 colors maximum for affordable at-home or professional printing. The fewer the colors, the lower the cost. Black and white stickers are also very striking.

Include Your Company Name

Having your business name spelled out ensures new customers can identify your brand from just the sticker. Don’t rely only on a symbolic logo that may be unclear.

Print Different Sizes

Mix up some small 1-2 inch stickers for gifts, mailers, or packaging. And print some larger 5×7″ stickers for car windows, store signage, etc. Variety maximizes usage.

Go Durable for Outdoor Use

Choose weatherproof vinyl, laminates, and heavy-duty adhesives if stickers will be exposed to sun, rain, snow, dirt, etc. This ensures your branding lasts.

Order Cut Shapes

Die-cut stickers into fun shapes like circles, ovals, and triangles rather than just squares and rectangles. This makes them more eye-catching and collectible.

Hand Out Stickers Generously

Don’t be shy about sticker sharing at trade shows, pop-up shops, conferences, and networking events. It’s an easy branding win and a great conversation starter.

Creative Is Key

Get inventive with sizes, shapes, materials, and placement to make your stickers stand out. The more unique they seem, the more they will get used and shared on social media.

With the right simplified logo design optimized for stickers and high-quality printing, your custom stickers will look fantastic and effectively spread your brand everywhere they go.

how to make logo stickers

Start Creating Your Logo Stickers Now

As you can see, designing and printing custom logo stickers is fast, easy, and affordable. With the endless possibilities stickers offer for branding and promotions, every business should have them available to grow their customer base.

So why wait? Visit Pixeative today to start creating your eye-catching logo stickers. In just minutes you can order full-color, professionally printed custom stickers with unlimited options.

Most sticker makers like Sticker Mule, Sticker Giant, and PSPrint allow you to upload your design or easily create one using their online tools. Order in any quantity, size, shape, and material you need.

Don’t have a logo? No problem! Just enter your business name and select a complementary font and design. Add a meaningful symbol or icon if you have one. Customize the sizing, colors, borders, effects, and more until it’s perfect. Contact us!

So let your brand stick with custom logo stickers! Start designing your own today and share how you plan to use them for marketing and promotions.

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