Graphic Design Jobs in Nepal: Opportunities, Skills, Salaries, Portfolios

graphic design jobs in nepal


The graphic design industry in Nepal has seen rapid growth in recent years. With both Nepali and international companies recognizing the importance of visual branding and marketing, there is increasing demand for skilled graphic designers in the country. This presents exciting opportunities for graphic design professionals looking to establish or advance their careers. |Graphic Design Jobs in Nepal|

Jobs Available for Graphic Designers in Nepal

There are three main avenues for graphic designers to find work in Nepal: design studios/agencies, in-house design teams, and freelancing.

Jobs at Design Studios and Agencies

Major design studios like DeerwalkFuzz FactoryDabaliAlley Interactive, and GrowByData frequently hire graphic designers. At these agencies, designers work on diverse projects like:

  • Branding and visual identity design
  • Print collateral – brochures, catalogs, annual reports
  • Packaging design
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Website design
  • App and icon design
  • Illustration

Designers collaborate in creative teams and get exposure to clients across different industries. This helps build versatile portfolios. Typical day-to-day duties in graphic design jobs may involve:

  • Brainstorming design concepts based on client briefs
  • Presenting ideas and incorporating feedback
  • Working with copywriters to develop layouts
  • Selecting images, icons, fonts, and color palettes
  • Creating mockups and prototypes
  • Preparing files for production
  • Overseeing the printing/production process
  • Testing websites and apps to ensure proper functioning
  • Attending client meetings and presentations

The fast-paced agency environment provides opportunities to contribute to influential brands and campaigns. Designers can raise their profiles and build strong resumes. However, tight deadlines may lead to work pressure.

In-house Design Jobs

Various companies and organizations also hire graphic designers for their in-house creative teams. Some examples are:

In-house designers focus on that company’s specific brand identity and visual communication needs. They get the opportunity to deeply understand one organization and drive its visual branding strategy. Responsibilities may include:

  • Designing logos, style guides, templates, etc.
  • Creating marketing materials, signage, presentations
  • Developing content and designs for websites, apps, social media
  • Working with marketing, PR, and events teams on campaigns
  • Ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints
  • Designing merchandise, office collateral, etc.

The stability and brand focus of in-house roles suit designers who prefer structure and continuity in their work. Salaries may be lower than agencies but the work hours are more regular.

Freelance Graphic Design

Many designers also work independently as freelancers in Nepal. With online platforms like UpworkFiverr99Designs, etc, designers can find remote freelance work with international clients. Some key benefits of freelancing include:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Ability to work from anywhere
  • Variety of projects and industries
  • Ownership of work and schedules

However, there are also challenges:

  • Irregular income and lack of stability
  • Need for self-marketing to find clients
  • Less guidance and mentoring
  • Potentially isolated work environment

Freelancing suits self-driven designers who can manage their own work-life balance. It is ideal for those seeking flexibility and variety.

graphic design jobs in nepal

Skills and Qualifications Required

To succeed as a graphic designer in Nepal, both technical and soft skills are required:

Technical Skills

  • Expertise in graphic design software – Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc), Figma, Canva etc.
  • Strong typography and layout skills
  • Visual communication principles
  • Print production knowledge
  • Motion graphics skills (After Effects etc)
  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Photo and video editing

Soft Skills

  • Creativity and problem-solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Time management and organization
  • Passion for design
  • Ability to accept feedback and handle critique
  • Business and project management skills

Many employers prefer designers who have a bachelor’s degree in design or a related field. Reputed institutes like Kathmandu University School of ArtsIslington Collegeand the Academy of Art and Design offer such programs.

However, Nepali designers who are self-taught and have a stellar portfolio are also highly valued. Willingness to learn on the job is appreciated.

English fluency is a must, along with basic Nepali reading/writing skills. Illustrator and Photoshop expertise is the most sought-after technical qualification.

graphic design jobs in nepal
graphic design jobs in nepal

Building Your Graphic Design Portfolio

A solid design portfolio is crucial for getting hired as a graphic designer in Nepal. Some tips for showcasing your best work:

  • Demonstrate diversity – Include a range of projects – branding, print, digital, packaging, etc. Show versatility.
  • Tell a story – For each project, explain the objectives, process, and results.
  • Highlight process – Include sketches, mood boards, and wireframes to showcase the process.
  • Use high-res images – Display work clearly and prominently.
  • Showcase on Behance/Dribble – Build an online presence.
  • Tailor portfolio – Cater portfolio to the specific jobs or companies you are applying to.
  • Only best projects – Quality over quantity. Avoid cluttering with mediocre work.
  • Make it easy to navigate – Use clear labeling and organization.
  • Show personality – Let your style and voice come through.
  • Use data – Include stats like improvements achieved, sales growth, etc.

Finding Graphic Design Jobs in Nepal

There are several effective ways designers can search for relevant job opportunities:

  • Browse online job boards like MunchaAkhti, and Mercantile. Create saved searches and alerts.
  • Join Facebook groups like Design Job NepalGraphic Design Nepal Community, etc.
  • Attend industry events like DFGN Meetups and TalkingTabs to expand professional networks. Follow design organizations like Design Foundation Nepal and RayZnews for updates.
  • Reach out directly to design studios and companies about potential vacancies. Check their Facebook pages and “Careers” sections on websites.
  • Talk to contacts and connections at companies that may require designers.
  • Follow companies and hiring managers on LinkedIn to stay updated about openings.
  • Check university career centers and alumni networks for entry-level design opportunities
  • Attend job fairs and recruitment drives, especially at colleges
  • Search individual company websites for openings and submit applications directly.

Using multiple approaches and persistently following up increases the chances of finding the right graphic design opening in Nepal.

Salaries and Growth Prospects

For entry-level graphic designers in Nepal with less than 1 year of work experience, the average starting salary ranges from Rs. 20,000-30,000 per month.

With 3-5 years of experience, pay typically ranges from Rs. 40,000-60,000 per month for mid-level roles.

Senior designers with 5-8 years experience can expect to earn between Rs. 80,000-1,00,000 per month. Some lead designers earn even more.

Salaries vary based on:

  • Years and diversity of experience
  • Expertise in specialized skills like 3D, animation, UI/UX, etc.
  • International work experience
  • Type of company – Multinational companies tend to pay higher
  • Roles and responsibilities – seniority level

Besides the base pay, additional benefits may include performance bonuses, insurance coverage, travel opportunities, annual raises, etc.

There is excellent scope to grow as a designer and take on senior leadership roles like Creative Director, Art Director, Design Head, etc. Taking on managerial responsibilities and leading teams brings higher compensation as well.

Additional income can come from freelancing projects on the side. Designers can also earn by selling templates, illustrations, icons, 3D models, photography, and other assets online.

With 5-8 years of experience, strong portfolios, and good performance, designers can expect to see their earnings double over the course of their careers. The future outlook for graphic design roles in Nepal looks positive in terms of both job availability and salary growth.

Challenges and Tips for Success as a Graphic Designer in Nepal

Standing Out

  • Nepal has many talented graphic designers. Develop a unique style and personal brand.
  • Create and showcase passion projects outside of work to highlight creativity.
  • Develop expertise in high-demand skills like UI/UX design, 3D modeling, etc.

Staying Updated

  • The design industry evolves rapidly. Continuously learn new software, styles, trends, and techniques.
  • Attend conferences and workshops whenever possible.
  • Follow industry publications and blogs.
  • Experiment on personal projects to expand capabilities.

Time Management

  • In graphic design, multiple deadlines and quick turnarounds are common. Careful planning is essential.
  • Set realistic schedules. Be disciplined about tracking time spent per task.
  • Say no to avoid getting overloaded with work. Communicate limitations.

Positive Attitude

  • Design is collaborative teamwork. Maintain composure and contribute positively even under stress.
  • Be open to feedback and critique. Let go of ego and aim to grow.
  • Value and support your teammates. Foster healthy work relationships.

Business Skills

  • Understand project budgets, billing rates, and workflows. Gain financial acumen.
  • Learn basic marketing, sales, and client management skills. Attend non-design workshops and trainings as well.

With passion, commitment to learning, a collaborative mindset, and smart working habits, graphic designers can build rewarding long-term careers in Nepal’s dynamic design industry. Both job stability and growth opportunities are on the rise.


The graphic design industry in Nepal is rapidly evolving, driven by growth in business and technology. Local and multinational companies have an increasing need for talented visual communicators to develop impactful brands and marketing campaigns.

Jobs for graphic designers are available at design agencies, in-house creative teams, and on a freelance basis. Candidates with strong technical skills, versatile portfolios, and good communication abilities are most likely to succeed. While salaries for entry-level designers are modest, mid and senior-level roles pay well above the national average.

By staying up-to-date with the latest tools and trends, cultivating positive work relationships, and actively networking, graphic designers can find rewarding work. For creative, motivated professionals, it is an exciting time to build a graphic design career in Nepal.


What is the average salary for a graphic designer in Nepal?

The average salary ranges from Rs. 20,000-30,000 per month for entry level to Rs. 80,000-1,00,000 per month for senior designers. Salaries vary based on experience, skills and type of company.

What skills are most important for a graphic designer in Nepal?

Key technical skills are expertise in design software like Adobe Creative Suite, typography, layouts, and visual communication. Soft skills like creativity, communication, time management and a collaborative mindset are equally crucial.

Which companies hire graphic designers in Nepal?

Top employers include design agencies like Deerwalk and Fuzz Factory, tech companies like F1Soft and LeapFrog, media groups like Kantipur and Himalmedia, NGOs like UNICEF and WWF, hotels like Hyatt and Marriott among others.

How can I find graphic design job vacancies in Nepal?

Use online job boards like Muncha and Akhti, Facebook groups like Design Job Nepal, industry events and networks, company websites and contacts to find the latest openings.

How important is a design degree for getting jobs in Nepal?

While a bachelor’s in design is preferred, Nepali designers who are self-taught but have a strong portfolio are also in demand. Ongoing learning is valued.

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