Stunning Wedding Banner Designs and How to Create Your Own

Wedding Banner Designs

Welcome to the ultimate guide to designing beautiful, personalized wedding banner Designs! These gorgeous backdrops and signs set the tone for your special day and make picture-perfect moments for you and your guests.

Whether you purchase a pre-made banner or design your own from scratch, this article will walk you through all the options to determine the best route for your wedding vision and budget.

Why Have a Wedding Banner?

Wedding banners have become a must-have decorative element at weddings over the past few years, and for good reason! Here are some of the top benefits of having one of these stunning backdrops:

  • Sets the Vibe: A wedding banner displays your style, colors, and personality, immediately letting guests know they have arrived at YOUR wedding when they pass under your customized design.
  • Photo Backdrop: Your banner makes the ultimate pretty backdrop for capturing romantic portraits of you with your new spouse. No awkward posing in front of random reception hall walls!
  • Personal Touch: Whether a decadent floral banner or glittering lights spelling out your name, it adds a warm, distinctive detail different from any other wedding.
  • Focal Point: Strategically placed banners direct guests’ attention towards important areas and highlight sacred ceremony rituals and reception events.

From lighting up your sweetheart’s table to proclaiming your eternal love, wedding banners excite and delight on your big day!

Popular Wedding Banner Styles

Before deciding what message you want your wedding banner to display, it helps to determine the aesthetic you’re going for. Here are some of the most popular wedding banner ideas and styles for inspiration:

Burlap & Lace Banners

Rustic chic brides adore the homey burlap and lace banner combo. Neutral tones nicely complement flowers, greenery, and wood elements also seen at barn weddings.

Here are some tips for designing gorgeous burlap and lace wedding banners:

  • Select burlap in natural, off-white, and beige tones, or opt for tea-stained burlap for a vintage appearance.
  • Incorporate different burlap textures – try hessian burlap along with softer upholstery grade styles.
  • Mix widths of lace trims and ribbons for visual interest. Narrow French lace looks delicate against thick crochet lace edging.
  • Display burlap banners on old country-style wooden frames or weathered barn boards lending to the rustic country charm.
  • Accent with fabric flowers, raffia bows, jute rope, or pearls for extra dimension.

Flower Wall Banners

Take floral backdrop banners to dreamy new heights! Choose silk or fresh blooms matching your bouquet arranged in an artful frame. This canopy of petals makes any scene look straight out of a fairy tale.

Consider these useful tips on installing jaw-dropping flower wall banners:

  • Opt for sturdy backings like thick plywood over foam boards to support the abundant weight of flower arrangements secured with florist wire, pins, and adhesive foam.
  • Incorporate floral foam, floral grids, or chicken wire to insert both natural and faux floral stems. This allows for air circulation preventing wilting.
  • Use high-strength fishing lines or monofilament to hang backdrops high on venue walls securely. Or choose free-standing banner frames.
  • Display fresh floral walls in rooms with climate control to prevent premature wilting. Bouquet-preserved alternatives like solabellas and luxe-infused roses minimize maintenance.
  • Accent flower banners with curly willow branches, leaves, pearls, and ribbons to hide mechanics.

Transform venues into magical floral wonderlands with these stunning flower banner walls!

Chalkboard Style

For a touch of vintage charm, consider painted chalkboard banners labeled with your name and wedding date in cursive font. You can even have guests sign their well wishes!

Recreate the nostalgic schoolhouse feel with these DIY chalkboard wedding banner tips:

  • Paint plywood, collusion boards, or plexiglass with black or green matte chalkboard paint allowing it to fully cure before writing.
  • Frame edges with wood slices, burlap bows, or wreaths for a personalized touch.
  • Style with coordinating chalk – classic white or metallic gold flakes for example.
  • Displaying seating charts, menus, dates, names, or love poems to guests can also contribute quirky chalk messages!
  • Preserve memorable well-wishes with shellac sealant spray once home from the honeymoon for a keepsake display.

Glittering Gold & White Banners

Glitz and glam call for a shimmering bold banner to make a glittering statement. This eye-catching foil design acts as a golden frame highlighting you two lovebirds.

For radiant gold and white banner backdrops, maximize the shine with these tips:

  • Foil cardstock, glitter vinyl, shimmer paper, and metallic fabrics make glimmering statements alone or layered.
  • Incorporate LED string lights or fairy lights behind banners to amplify the sparkling effect.
  • Showcase ornate monograms, names, or phrases in striking fonts like Great Vibes.
  • Accent with crystal rhinestone trim, pearls, beads, and glittery ribbon wands.
  • Suspend golden tinsel strands or glitter tulle swags across banner tops.
  • Pair with gilded frames, gold chiavari chairs, sequin linens, and glass vase centerpieces to tie the reception decor.

Dazzle guests with ultra-glam shimmering metallic and crystal wedding banners!

String Light Banners

Fun string light backdrops cast a warm festive glow perfect for highlighting dance floors. Spell out messages like “Let’s Party!” or your names using these twinkling bulbs.

Light up celebration spaces with helpful string light banner tips:

  • Opt for commercial-grade outdoor string lights resisting moisture, wind, and heat. Ensure lights have UL safety certification.
  • Secure durable S-hooks to venue walls/ceilings to neatly hang string light strands. Use zip ties as an extra precaution.
  • Weave tiny lights through wire initial shapes or custom-lighted letters for names/dates.
  • Outline polygon banners with lights or create cube frames enclosing strands.
  • Attach curtain clips to hang lantern globes, photos, or signs between strands.
  • Place sign frames with acrylic fronts containing printed messages or monograms behind string lights walls generating a soft backlit glow.

Photo Banner Collages

Why choose a few photos when you can display a whole collage of memories? These DIY banners allow you to revisit your entire relationship journey in snapshots.

To effectively assemble wedding photo banner collages guests adore, heed this advice:

  • Dig up old photos capturing your full love story – first dates, proposals, vacations, and all! Sentimental candid snaps resonate most.
  • Print a high volume of pictures in a mix of sizes like a wallet to 8×10 inches on photo paper to prevent pixilation when viewed up close.
  • Arrange images attractively on solid or patterned paper backing overlapping frames. Balance lots of small prints with a few large feature photos.
  • Protect images under smooth glass or acrylic sheets to prevent smudging yet still allow proper lighting and visibility.
  • Display banner on configurable hanging shoji screens or multi-opening presentation boards allowing guests to flip through your pictorial love story.
Wedding Banner Designs
Wedding Banner Designs

Choosing Words & Phrases for Your Banner

Once you select an overall wedding banner aesthetic, it’s time for the fun part – deciding what message to feature! Here are popular wedding banner phrases and wording ideas to stir up inspiration:

  • Names of the bride, groom, or both
  • Wedding date
  • Clever or romantic catchphrases (“Finally Found My Mr. Right!”, “Together Forever Starts Today”)
  • Song lyrics
  • Love quotes or poems
  • Location and venue
  • Wedding hashtag
  • Playful lines if suits your style (“He Had Me At Merlot” for wine lovers)

Choose lettering designs and fonts that suit your wedding vision too. Fancy calligraphy and cursive scripts for classic elegance or bold block prints for modern flair.

Here are some tips on selecting meaningful, creative phrases for your personalized wedding banner designs:

  • Browse bridal magazines, Pinterest boards, and boutique banners for wording ideas capturing that “wow” factor.
  • Express shared quirks like inside jokes, proposal mishaps, or a couple of nicknames adding lighthearted flair.
  • Keep phrases short allowing key sentiments to pop out. Less is more.
  • Feature words with special significance such as from readings at your first dance, ceremony vows, blessings, or toasts.
  • Run text selections by close family ensuring phrases resonate and properly convey the relationship.
  • Order custom vinyl lettering or stylish temple hand-cut lettering suiting your font theme. Metallics add flair!

With so many moving words and quotes to choose from, the banner message possibilities to touch guests’ hearts are endless!

Determining Size and Shape

Before finalizing wedding banner designs, you’ll want to map out exactly how and where it will be displayed at the venue. Here are key factors when deciding dimensions:

Consider Backdrop Space

Scale your wedding banners to fit appropriately against venue walls or in entranceways. A huge 10×10 foot banner suits grand ballrooms but overwhelms intimate courtyards.

  • Take exact frame height and width measurements of where the banner will hang using tape measures.
  • Account for additional draping height if displaying banners on stands.
  • Hire a professional seamstress to construct tailored banners for rooms with unusually shaped corners or architectural features.
  • Rent extending boom lifts to reach tall atrium ceilings for proper installation.

Coordinate with Other Decor Pieces

If displayed on a sweetheart table with your wedding cake, for instance, make sure the banner height doesn’t obstruct important elements.

  • Sketch reception layout maps noting table arrangements, food stations, and activity areas helping visualize ideal banner placement.
  • Mark venue diagrams with frame dimensions of existing structures like fountains, chandeliers, or alters that shouldn’t get eclipsed.
  • Consider sightline visibility from guest dinner seats or photoshoot positions.
  • Allow at least 12-24 inches of clearance between banner tops and ceilings for sufficient breathing room.

Banners vs Signs vs Backdrops

Banners specifically refer to narrower vertical displays while wider horizontal pieces are called backdrops. Signs are shorter instructions like seating charts. The shape should match the message and location.

Additional shape considerations:

  • Vertical banners nicely frame aisle photo shoots or sweetheart tables.
  • Horizontal backdrops better accent wide venue spaces like dance floors or photo booths.
  • Square-shaped signs suit escort placards, guest books, and bar menus.
  • Circle-shaped displays work for seating charts, direction pointers, and unity ceremony reminders.
  • Triangle banners help draw attention as directional pointers.

Take measurements at your venue to determine optimal wedding banner sizes and styles for each unique space. This ensures guests can easily see and appreciate all your hard design work!

Wedding Banner Design and Layout Considerations

To transform wedding banners from blank slates to jaw-dropping showstoppers, pay attention to these key design details:

Font Style & Size

Font conveys style and sets the tone. Formal calligraphy suits black-tie affairs while playful bubbly fonts match relaxed barn venues. Make sure the letter height and thickness stand out from a distance.

More font considerations for wedding banners:

  • Use thick block fonts or cursive script styles for names and titles appearing at banner tops that should be read from afar.
  • Avoid thin fonts with small delicate serifs illegible from most angles or distances.
  • Sans serif fonts project modern simplicity. Serif fonts nod to tradition.
  • Print out font samples viewed 5, 10, and 15+ feet away to test visibility. Notice details blurring first.
  • Apply dimensional techniques like shadows, outlines or frosted etches around lettering to help words pop from busy backgrounds if needed.

Color Palette

Incorporate banner hues coordinating with wedding colors. Whether soft pastels or bold jewel tones, keep shades cohesive with invitations, flowers, and attire for a polished event flow.

Additional tips for coordinating flawless wedding color palettes:

  • Order fabric swatches of bridesmaid dresses and suits to perfectly color match.
  • Pick out exact ribbon, lace, and embellishment trim hues when designing coordination decor pieces.
  • Carefully match wedding logo colors appearing across stationery suites, programs, menus, signage, etc. for continuity.
  • Use the exact hex color codes and Pantone values of your invitations, providing these to vendors assuring a precise unified palette across all design elements.


Ribbons, lace, and Fabric flowers in coordinating colors can beautifully frame banners adding texture and flair. Consider these other creative touches too:

  • Mix various ribbon widths, textures, and trim styles – try satin, burlap, sheer organza, sequin dazzled, patterned, or raffia.
  • Accent banners with fiber blooms, bell flowers, floral picks, and loose petals matching arrangements.
  • Incorporate leaves, eucalyptus springs, olive branches, paper jungle cutouts, feathers, and wood slices.
  • Affix patches featuring family tartans, school insignias, or navy insignia adding personal legacy when suitable.

Photos & Lighting

Some brides and grooms opt to feature engagement or save-the-date photos on banners. Professionally print and display images are likely viewed up close to prevent pixelation. Strategic string lighting also helps draw visual interest.

More tips for effectively displaying photos on wedding banners:

  • Select sharp images with high resolution maintaining clarity even when enlarged like 20×30 prints. Grainy iPhone pics won’t cut it!
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, and color balance in Photoshop helping washed-out or overly saturated images pop as uniform grid collages.
  • Professionally edit out any distracting background objects to ensure the main focus stays on the happy couple.
  • Add slim white or black borders around each photo defining potentially busy backdrops.
  • Spotlight banners with adjustable monogram lights or purchase separate clip-on frame lights.

DIY vs Hiring a Wedding Decorator

After weighing the pros and cons below, decide whether to handcraft wedding banners yourself or hire a professional:


Hiring an experienced wedding decorator familiar with handling venues gets the job done right but far exceeds DIY budget costs.

However, consider if your time and labor also carry value better directed elsewhere towards finalizing other planning elements like confirmations and guest communications leading up to the big weekend.

Level of Effort & Expertise

Designing professional-level backdrops demands extensive creative skills like calligraphy, carpentry, and decor you may lack without formal training.

Sourcing quality thick weatherproof vinyl materials alone proves challenging for amateur crafters. Leave it to the experts equipped with wholesale floral connections and advanced welding tools to construct intricate steel frames.

Quality & Durability

While DIY banners allow ultra personalization, decorators’ access to commercial-grade supplies like durable thick vinyl ensures banners withstand busy wedding conditions.

Thin burlap fabric tears easily. Flimsy foam boards dent. Silk flowers crushed underfoot show wear. Don’t waste precious time re-doing damaged DIY decor damages!

Turnaround Time

Design experts with on-demand manufacturing partners deliver high-quality, custom banners in less time instead of you sewing for hours. Order stress-free knowing your vision turns into a reality fast, giving more weekends to tackle other planning tasks still needing attention in the home stretch.

If going pro, find reputable decorators familiar with working within the constraints of your unique venue. Feel free to provide creative direction on your dream banner while leaving the rest in expert hands!

Displaying Your Wedding Banner

Preserve your wedding banner beauty by properly hanging, framing, and positioning it in ideal spots to appreciate all the gorgeous details without obstruction.

Hanging Methods

Hang banners using thin braided fishing lines, nylon strings, or decorative cords for a floating illusion. Anchor securely in stud walls using eye hooks. Attend venues early to test balance.

More advanced installation tips:

  • Use reinforced steel cables or chains on mega-sized floral walls requiring extensive load-bearing strength.
  • Weave wiring through banner grommets lining tops & sides for multidirectional support.
  • Securely bolt freestanding banner stands into cemented flooring if permitted to prevent toppling guests from bumping into displays.


Place wedding banners in highly visible areas like entryways or behind head tables so everyone sees your creative vision! Have wedding party members hold smaller frameable signs for quick photo ops around the venue or altar.

Also consider:

  • Highlighting directional signs with string lighting catching guests’ attention.
  • Marking off ideal photo shoot positions with floor tape or props like velvet ottomans inviting guests to capture banner backdrops.
  • Scheduling banners as part of the reception venue tour, specifically pointing out details guests easily admire up close.

Strategically displaying wedding banners makes unforgettable first impressions while highlighting sacred reception moments all worth framing and remembering forevermore!


We hope this complete guide gets your creative juices flowing on how to design meaningful, showstopping wedding banners to make your big day phenomenal. From stunning flower walls to glittering lights, the possibilities are truly endless.

The takeaway? Well-placed customized banners reinforce your unique wedding aesthetic through meaningful design details witnessed by every beloved guest.

Now that you’re fired up with inspiration, we’d love to see photos of your fab wedding banners come the big day! Tag us below along with any other burning questions. Also If you want us to make one for you Contact US! – Pixeative

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